Stump Removal And Stump Grinding

No matter how much you use to renovate your home or the type of flowers and grass you plant to beautify our yard, tree stumps will make your home look cheap. Get rid of tree stumps around your home and you will create a high-end looking home. Who offers high-quality and affordable stump elimination services? We do! Our tree services will give you a clean yard for new plantings or whatever you want to add to your home.

Why Should Stumps be Removed?

Stumps Are Not Pretty

Some people will tell you that stump elimination is not worth the sweat. They will give you a list of reason to justify their claim. But, let’s face it; tree stumps are not beautiful and will only fight the stylishness of other elements in your yard. If you are meticulous about your home’s look, getting rid of the tree stumps around your home is well worth the effort.

Stumps Are Dangerous

If you ignore the tree stump(s) in your yard it could damage your mower if you accidentally hit it when mowing your lawn.

Stumps Are A Nuisance

You might not take notice of the tree stumps now, but you will defiantly notice how they make weeding and mowing difficult. They are a pain to maneuver around, and you don’t want this to continue happening every time you want to take care of your lawn. This is one of the reasons you should let us remove the stumps for you.

Stumps Attract Wood-Boring Insects

Stumps take a long time to decay and rot away completely. While they are decaying, tree stumps can attract termites, ants, beetles (eew), and other wood-boring insects that can spread to your house and destroy it.

Stumps Cause New Sprouts

Sometimes, leaving tree stumps behind causes new tree growths that can be costly to remove because they keep coming back. These new sprouts leech nutrients from plants, and this can make your yard look sickly. Can chemicals help remove the new shoots? Chemicals provide a temporary solution because, as we mentioned, the new shoots keep coming back. Our stump removal services will help you get rid of the problem once and for all.

Stumps Take Up Precious Space

Stumps occupy a lot of space that could be used for other useful purposes. You can use that space to come up with a beautiful flower bed or a stylish picnic table. Do you need stump removal or stump grinding services? Call us today!

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